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4 definitions by zuggs

(1) As appearing in the cartoon Daria;
(2) Used to express feelings of resentment towards others;
It is a sick sad world indeed and that is all i have to say about that so rar rar rar!
by zuggs October 22, 2003
Zeberated Underminded Gratigious Gorade Syndrome.
Zuggs went "rar rar rar!".
by Zuggs December 01, 2003
The Exalted One of the Yellow, Meat Eating, Monkey Companions; Has fascination with terms such as Rar, meh and sick sad world; Bestows many things as corrupt.
There appeared zuggs.
by zuggs July 20, 2003
Person who is extremely intoxicated on a regular basis. Said person blacks out often and is difficult to find in fraternity parties due to their inebriation
That Rose sure was a shit show last night. She was sooo drunk
by zuggs March 25, 2004