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Social network beta that college kids perceive as hip and underground because of an air of exclusivity they impose on it in order to be hip and underground themselves. In actuality, Google+ is stale as of now and anyone can get an invite to the beta. It is the dull whiteness of its unpolished pages, its untried newness, and its inferiority to Facebook that summon and unite these easily aroused college students who would readily create a facade and live by it so long as it means they can root for some uprising small company piece of shit underdog self-projection in order to "make a difference," proving that they are individual snowflakes while forgetting that all snowflakes melt and that they are not yet true adults. Ironically, google is a public, mainstream corporation that should, according to collegekidphilosophy, be spat on for branching out, which is obviously a corrupt practice since it increases the income of the company -- Heavens forbid anyone makes a profit except for college kids who think they can graduate and make 80k out of college, overcoming debt with their fancy GPAs. The fact that when college students go to google.com they are forced to create a page on this social network, and, furthermore, that their pages are connected to google.com, eludes them as an instrument of deceit and oppression because they are all too busy smoking the Marijuana, listening to the dumbstep, discovering the Gräfenberg Spot, and making spreadsheets on Microsoft excel.
Used in a sentence: When Google+ is out of beta and is actually better than Facebook, which has to rely on third party Skype for its shitty video chat, the college kids will complain that it is too mainstream because it will actually be useful.

In conversation:

Ignorant college kid 1: I joined Google+ and deactivated my Facebook account, stick it to the Man! Facebook has no search engine!

Ignorant college kid 2: Zuckerberg is a sellout, he needs to stop adding new features to facebook. I hate public corporations with over 20,000 employees.
by zsylz July 10, 2011
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