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2 definitions by zsteezy

The word is used to describe anything and everything that fits the phrase "bomb as hell".

Derived from the word "chill", as 40 degrees Fahrenheit is a pretty cool temperature; Four-Oh can replace the word "chill" or "cool" in any situation.
1."damn dude your car as dank as hell"

"yeah bro, pretty Four-Oh, huh?"

2. "Dang dude, we've been straight up loungin' for hours

"Yeah, today's been sooo Four-Oh"
by zsteezy September 03, 2009
Brotein is a bodily chemical that is excreted by the pancreas that creates a euphoric sensation. Brotein is released usually whilst throwing down at a rowdy Pop-Punk and/or Hardcore show.
"Yo man, I feel great, that show was rowdy as hell."
"For sure dude, that's gotta be the brotein."
by zsteezy August 20, 2009