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During an orgasm a girl will spontaneously poop and fart at the same time. A very rare type of orgasm.
Last night during a wild sexcapade Hayley pulled off a shartgasm.
by zrat March 06, 2006
quarter to crunk is the time right before the party begins.
YO Will, what time is it?

Quarter to crunk!
by zrat May 18, 2006
The imaginary radio station that you put on at a party.
What are we listening to, Will?

by zrat May 18, 2006
a state of being totally sloshed.
Zach just beat up Will and Kyle for no reason.

Yeah that kid is A-town crunk.
by zrat May 18, 2006
when you get drunk and listen to techno music
Wow, Alicia made a techno cd just so she can get bumped
by zrat March 03, 2006
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