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By way of all the definitions of nerd and geek on this site i am bothyet neither. I am exceedingly good at computing, (now for the jargon) with languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS ect, and have a web design job. I am 15. I earn on average about £2000 a month. I built a top of the range computer with DVD, CD r/w, TV input ect, for £250.
I am also socially advanced. I am not a reclusive obbsessive. I wish i was. I cant live without social interaction.
I am 15 and i am already better than some of you will ever be in your entire life.
I have 3 websites, and i run 2 very profitable ones.
So suck on that you prejudicic losers.
this is an example
by zosoboy March 21, 2004

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