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the act of taking up as much space as humanly possible. This involves sprawling across several couch cushions, the floor, the coffee table, etc. Smooging is all about maximizing spatial area. When multiple bodies get involved in this smooging, it becomes a clusterfuck of sprawling similar to Twister without the mat.
Dude, are you really going to smooge all over the couch? I'm sitting here too.
by zombiehunter951 February 13, 2012
a disease spread via sight or contact, the symptoms being upon sight of a carrier, the newly-infected victim has the urge to throw the carrier down and violently sex them.
Dude, that chick that just walked by made my catch i'dfucktheshitouttathematosis
by zombiehunter951 November 19, 2009
the act of writing on people's Facebook wall while intoxicated.
I'm getting drunk tonight, but there will be NO Elaining.
by zombiehunter951 November 09, 2010
The state of being over-the-top.
Last night was soooooo Will-esque.
by zombiehunter951 February 06, 2011
the act of passing a sugar glider via gliding it onto something in lieu of blowing a wad on it.
I sugar-glide on his face; shows how much I thinks of him.
by zombiehunter951 November 15, 2010
the property of a girl, or her attributes, to attract dicks.
Those heels are fucking dicknetic!
by zombiehunter951 September 26, 2010

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