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1. The proper name of the bathroom exhaust fan. It's purpose is allow moisture and smells to vent, prohibiting mildew growth, and nauseous guests.
Kevin: Becca, there is no fart fan downstairs, you have to use the bathroom upstairs if you need to take a dump.

Becca: I'm good, thanks.
by zombiedater January 18, 2010
crudeness: , 1.vulgar or obscene behavior totally unacceptable to cultural norms, which generally lacks tact, taste and is seen as offensive.
Joe Blow's crudeness was appalling today when he banged that chick on the casket at the funeral.
by zombiedater January 17, 2010
The giddy butterfly feeling you get when planning a sexual encounter with someone on Saturday.
Becca: Dan, I can't wait to bring over the strawberries and whipped cream Saturday, I have the Saturflies.
by zombiedater March 03, 2010

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