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A colloquialism for the word 'penis' (both flaccid and erect) similar in meaning to pecker or woody.

To penetrate the vagina of a virgin female with your penis.
"I sure gave that poodle a good Hymen-Hammering with my 15 inch Hymen-Hammer!!!"
by zoldrin February 26, 2004
{NOUN} Manginer:

A derogitory term for the genitalia of a man possessing a vagina as well as or in place of a penis.

Though similar to the genitalia of a chick with a dick or shemale it is distinguished as a predominantly male term.

Formed from the conjunction of Man and Vagina it was originally used as a vengeful mnemonic for the proper noun (Mrs) Mangion.
"Dude, I have a double period last two with Mrs. Manginer!"

"Hey Tim, wouldn't it be cool if I had a manginer on my arm!"
by zoldrin February 23, 2004
(ás kloun) n.:

One of foolish (or more often than not, homosexual) behavior who cannot appropriately be described by the word "clown" nor the word "ass".

Thus "Ass-Clown".
'White brother' offers 'White brother no. 2' a hot-cake:

"Get off me you fucking ass clown!!!"
by zoldrin February 25, 2004

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