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Acronym for "Waste Of Fucking Time". Very useful in the modern corporate environment.
That last meeting was a total woft.
by Zog The Undeniable January 23, 2004
Synonyms: "council", "common", "underclass" etc. Can be used as a noun or an adjective. Originally meant the lowest form of gypsy, i.e. not the genuine and generally peaceable Romany people, but the scum who nick caravans, tarmac drives and crap in your front garden. Now extended to mean anyone who claims benefits, lives in social housing or wears a baseball cap and white trainers with jeans to the pub.
"He lives on the pikey estate", "You drive a pikey Vauxhall Nova?", "What a bunch of pikeys".
by Zog The Undeniable January 23, 2004
Rear lights for a car which incorporate separate coloured lenses for each lamp (e.g. tail, indicator, stop) with the rest of the cluster given a mirrored finish. First used by Lexus on the IS200 model and since copied by Mazda on most of its cars and chavs on low-rent vehicles such as Saxos and Corsas. Probably the fastest way to ruin a perfectly good supermini.

Lexus have wisely dropped this style of light from their new IS250.
Man, I gotta get me some of those Lexus lights for my chavmobile.
by Zog The Undeniable February 21, 2007
Precisely the same as turtle's head. To be in need of an imminent dump.
I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got a mole at the counter and he isn;t going to wait!
by Zog The Undeniable January 23, 2004
Descriptive of a woman with a particularly wide mouth, such as Julia Roberts or Calista Flockhart.
"OK, she's no oil painting, but one look at that three dick gob and I go weak at the knees".
by Zog The Undeniable February 20, 2007
Terminally po-faced], miserable, humourless. A term famously used by former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating to describe former PM Malcolm Fraser.
"You look like an Easter Island statue with an arse full of razor blades."
by Zog The Undeniable February 20, 2007
A television. So named because its function is to deliver crap into your living room.
"Put the shit pump on, love. It's time for "Celebrity Big Brother" again."
by Zog The Undeniable August 13, 2011

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