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Chanandler Bong, Miss.

In Friends, Chandler Bing's name as it appears on his TV guide when delivered.
"The TV guide is delivered to Miss Chanandler Bong"
by Zoecb October 27, 2004
Abbreviation of Christian.

Often used by people who participate in online debates and can't be bothered to keep writing "Christian"
"Some say Xtian rock is an oxymoron, what do you think?"
by Zoecb October 21, 2004
Generalised term for a person who follows a Nature-based religion.
"Want to go on the Pagan Pride march with me?"
by Zoecb October 21, 2004
Actor, more often than not plays charming caddish types who turn out to be total bastards but he's just so damn pretty you love him anyway...
Check out the full sidal/backal nudity in films like Wilde, Closer etc...
by Zoecb January 18, 2005
A nature-based religion.

Can be seen as having one deity or many, but never any kind of "devil" as this is a purely Christian concept invented much later.
"Is Wicca a form of Paganism?"
"I guess it is, in the same way that Catholisism is a form of Christianity."
by Zoecb January 18, 2005
Author of The Vampire Chronicles, The Mayfair Witches and many other books. A modern literature legend.
Yes, I am an Anne Rice fan.
by Zoecb October 24, 2004
Rock band from Leeds.

Swagger-y punk image, adequate enough music. Entertaining live artists.
"The Glitterati are playing there tonight, wanna go?"
by Zoecb October 22, 2004
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