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a ice-cream bar, with vanilla ice-cream in the center, a chocolate layer and small biscuit pieces on the outside.

They are quite delicious :)
"i love those golden gaytimes!"
"me too, they are so yummy!"
by zoe =] May 29, 2008
Bogan is a word used by Aussies for a person who is dirty and rude.
- Wear no shoes in public
- Are usually poor
- Wear dirty/ragged clothing
- Swear loudly in public
- Are Usually ugly
- Have no manners
- Show disrespect almost always
- Scab other peoples garbage on tip day
- Drink a lot of alcohol
- Fart and Burp loudly in public
- Usually Have kids who are misbehaved
- Sometimes overweight, with bad teeth
"OMG, look at that woman! Thats the epitome of bogan right there. No shoes, ripped trackies and shes taking those peoples garbage! Eww!"
"Eww, her husband is worse, though"
by zoe =] July 10, 2008
the combination of the words 'glue' and 'ruler'
this was combined when my ruler had glue on it.
"hey, my ruler is sticky!"
"let's call it a guler!"
by zoe =] May 29, 2008
abbreviation of the male name 'fabio'
"hey, my names fabio"
"hello, do you mind if i call you fab for short?"
by zoe =] May 29, 2008

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