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To translate from one language to another with little to no regard for the original meaning, only using (false) cognates, puns, and whatever other ideas the word or sound makes the transbliterator think of.
I would transbliterate "Canto a Stalingrado" as "I would but for stalled grace." Canto->I sing->I can't -> I would. Stalingrado-> stalin grado -> stalled grace.
by zmat December 07, 2009
Usually, but not always, people work together to achieve some common purpose: they collaborate, often under the tutelage of a whip. Think pyramids. These days, there is a sense of the mashup, the taking of others' work to produce another, then another, and so on. This is collageration, from a collage culture. Like in a school art class, finding images in magazines that you could not create yourself, but that serve the purpose you have in mind, or even put a purpose into your mind. We collagerate, we take from each other, knowing that each of us has a piece to contribute to a greater whole, that will become even greater in the next generation.
I collagerated with Pablo Neruda to make a new mis-translation of his poems.
by zmat March 14, 2009

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