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1. Gaining something of value by threatening or inflicting harm on a person or property. Blackmail is a type of extortion.

2. Protection in a criminal sense.

3. A Mobb Deep track (Hell on Earth) featuring Method Man.
"Extortion is the key I got the key for extortion
Spend your fortune, dead your shorty like abortion
Take precaution, Infamous laws enforced in
You married to the Mobb, kid take it then divorce it
Cause I ain't got no time for them domestic disputes
If you scared get a dog don't got a click then recruit
You're weak troop, lost the tan in the mist
On your name my shit, take it like a man you little bitch"
- Havoc
by ZL January 27, 2006
In the game of beer pong, desperation diamond is a type of rerack only used when the player is losing and needs to sink four more cups. The rerack forms the four cups into the shape of a diamond. In most games of beer pong, you can only only rerack once; therefore you are giving up your rerack privileges early. This rerack is desperate but advantageous in certain situations.
You have one cup left on your side. You're opponent has four cups left on his side. You rerack since time is running out and you need the increase your chances of making cups.

You: Ah shit, I'll rerack...
by zl February 09, 2006

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