3 definitions by zimmo

The teenage version of beer goggles.
A side affect of too much Ice Dragon or White lightning.
Makes even the ugliest bog trotter look like a ride.
Fact - the Cider visor is responsible for half of the british population.
by zimmo August 16, 2006
Trousers worn by a lady, usually of the larger variety.
Primarily made of lycra, or a similar stretchy material that enables you to clearly see the lips moving, but you cant hear them...
Mumbling pants can be witnessed at any weight watchers class.
by zimmo August 17, 2006
A female who enjoys the company of men...many men..sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. An oldham local.
"Did you know sarah slept with paul last night, and dean, and mike, and steve...she's such a cock jockey/Oldham local"
by zimmo August 16, 2006

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