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1 definition by zickhyt

Cock nobbler. (adjective), (a cock sucker or wannabe cock sucker, i.e. bad driver must be distracted sucking cock)

San Jose slang for a terrible driver who in traffic insists on honking his horn when he or she knows there are five cars in front of him or her and the light ahead is red, like it will turn faster.
To be one of these jerk drivers one must assume he or she is not actually getting head but just being a bad driver.

This implies the reason his or her horn is 'broken' is he is getting a finger job from his hand while he waits and is hitting the wheel, or in some cases, his carpool assistant is sucking him off.

Why is that idiot in the blue Camry honking when there are ten cars in front of us?
Maybe the cock nobbler has discovered his hand again.
by zickhyt June 18, 2011