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A tough, independent woman whose music layed the foundation for the riot grrrl movement and the likes of L7 and Bikini Kill. Best known for her Arrows cover of "I Love Rock and Roll", she started out in a teenage all-girl punk/hard rock band called The Runaways, and later teamed up with Kenny Laguna and started her independent record label called Blackheart Records. Currently fronts the band Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Joan Jett is fucking hardcore.
by ziater June 30, 2006
Although it is widely known that Joan Jett is into BDSM and all that good stuff (listen to Fetish), she has never officially "came out" about being a lesbian. This is not because she is afraid , but being gay as a widely recognized musician or celebrity comes with a label and an identity trap she does not want to be burdened with.

She also wants her private life to remain as private, unlike some other hos in the music business**COUGHcourtneyloveCOUGH**, which I greatly respect.
Contrary to popular belief, Joan Jett DOES give a damn about her reputation.
by ziater July 04, 2006
A small firetruck station on the corner of Fern Road and Old Stage in East Brunwick NJ. They also have a volleyball net on the lawn. I don't know why.
Person 1:"Do they really farm squirrels at the squirrel farm?"
Person 2:"I don't know, but there's a firetruck in the driveway."
Person 1: "Why?"
Person 2: "Dunno"
Person 1: "That's retarded."
by ziater July 04, 2006

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