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A bird that looks, for all the world, like a cross between a goose and a pigeon.

Commonly found in urban duck ponds.
The gigeon in Swanswell Park hangs out with the geese, who must be better company than the pigeons.
by zholty January 15, 2008
Used as an example of something that only really gullible people would believe in.

Born of the urban myth that cows in Malta live underground where it is cooler.
Lisa: Hey Caroline, all NHS admin staff are getting a 5% pay increase next year.

Caroline: Very funny. Like the Maltese cave cows? Is it April 1st by any chance?
by zholty January 15, 2008
A word for the thing you can picture in your mind's eye but can't remember the name of.
Caroline: Hey Lisa Lady, pass me the whatchamacallit oojimaphlops thingamajigs...

Lisa: The hole punch? Sure. Here you go.
by zholty January 15, 2008

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