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A non-word used by people who don't know that:
1. There are no plurals in Japanese and
2. Pluralizing Japanese nouns makes them sound like verbs.
Wrong: Ninjas are always fighting.

Right: There are about 8 ninja surrounding us.
by Zhaleskra March 10, 2007
Ku-no-ee-chee: female ninja.

Pronounced ku-noy-chee by Narutards and wapanese.
Kamui: You're a kunoichi!
by Zhaleskra March 10, 2007
Being victorious through a means so amazing it cannot possibly be achieved without cheating.
I'm not playing this game if it's going to be so cheatorious!
by Zhaleskra October 18, 2007
I'm a cheating piss ant.
I'm too fucking stupid to think of a rational way to capture your piece, so I'll pretend my pawn can move in a way it can't That's en passant.
by zhaleskra August 05, 2010
A threat issued in the form of a question.
Saying "Do you want to be put back in diapers?" is a threastion.
by Zhaleskra March 14, 2007
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