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a petite, cute-looking bitch; a woman who looks good but is disloyal or undesirable for reasons other than pulchritude
hey, she's hot!

nah, she's a scumbelina
by zgwarnki May 09, 2008
The innate ability to seek out or find deals or free stuff.
Dude, they're giving away free energy drinks in the plaza!

Yeah, man, your freedar must have been going off like crazy.
by zgwarnki May 09, 2008
diminutive of the verb vootar - to depart, to split, to leave; as a silent or clandestine way of communicating the desire to leave/"split"/depart a place

signified by extending the second and third fingers of one hand and curling the first and fourth finger under the thumb with one's palm facing inward, so as to spell out "V O O T" with the fingers - if you look, first at the 2 extended fingers (V) the two curled under fingers from the side (O & O) and the index finger touching the thumb (T)
You are at a party. It's lame. You flash the "voot" sign to your friends; they agree and you're outta there.
by zgwarnki February 22, 2008

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