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This is just simple to define. It is the slick smelly substance created from farts, sweat, poop, and anal seepage. It stays tucked in between the butt cheeks in everyones crack. It can vary in amounts, and consistency; depending on how often one takes a bath or farts. The uses for this product are many, one is to help lube the large cracks of fat people as they walk. Another one would be to load a finger with the substance to annoy someone with a stinky finger or for self defense. Also see butt grease with snow flakes, dingle berries.
I smeared butt grease on my nephews nose to stop him from farting in peoples faces.
by zeusking007 October 17, 2007
medical, The emotional fellings of a toilet seat located in public ones home. The seat fears fat ass people, you know the ones that walk through the stores ie Wal-Mart whos butt or hips are the largest part of their body. The seat is paranoid of these people dropping their oversized underware to use the toilet. The fear comes from having to see these people pull their cheeks apart just before sitting down and then being confined in total darkness. That is not the worse part, then the toilet seat has to see the dirty ass, because to much skin was in the way while pooping and is now covered in feces.
The toilet seat wobbled with fear as fat ass Margret began to have a seat. After three or four times of experiencing this fear the toilet seat's doctor diagnosed the seat with " scared toilet seat syndrome"
by zeusking007 October 18, 2007

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