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1. anxiety one develops when facing temptation in a social setting when one has recently decided to quit drinking, and every person around them is buzzed and having a good time. Results in a feeling of detachment and resentment toward drunk friends and/or, alcohol relapse.
2. the feeling that you are being judged for choosing not to drink
This was not a good night for me to have to go to this art opening- these social vampires and their gleaming green beer bottles are makin' me dranxious.
by zene13 February 08, 2009
A deep seated feeling of dread that develops when a strong, instant, physical attraction goes terribly wrong for someone with social anxiety. The sufferer is so paralyzed by a profound and deep-seated spiritual condition of insecurity and despair that they are unable to make even the most rudimentary of social gestures toward the object of their affection, and are fully aware that they are wasting a golden opportunity and failing themselves. Rather than just nut up and initiate conversation they will spend their time(possibly much longer) in the presence of the person in extreme inner turmoil- alternately admonishing themselves for not making a move and imagining pleasing possible social/sexual scenarios with said hot person.

Much dangst will be suffered at this Valentine's Day rpg tournament tonight.
Daaaaang there is that flaxen haired viking guy I briefly stalked online in real life, at this crap party...I could totally talk to him about metal, he looks bored- and sooo sexy with his hair loose... there was my window...there my window still is...wide open... this should be easy! Why isn't this easy?! i wish i was drunk WHY DID I QUIT DRINKING?! WTF IS WRONG WITH ME????... ! (grips forehead intensely)
by zene13 February 15, 2009

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