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one is addicted to Chipotle
Jake goes to Chipotle for lunch every day; what a Chipot-head!
by zenaya96 February 23, 2010
A tattoo on the breast, boobular area. Closely related to the twattoo.
She has a tittoo, I'm trying to read what it says, but I don't wanna look like I'm staring... I bet has a twattoo too.
by Zenaya96 June 20, 2010
when your body experiences one or more physical problems as a result of eating a Double Down Combo from KFC; symptoms may include: never wanting to eat at KFC again, epic diarrhea, angry stomach, and feeling gross
OMG, after doubling down at KFC plus that mashed potato famous bowl, I think I'm getting a trouble-down!
by zenaya96 May 04, 2010
A tattoo directly over a girls vagina, or twat. It is somewhat akin to the tramp stamp. Very common among pornstars.
Holy shit! That chick has a twattoo- this is such a good porno...

Wow! That pornstar has a tramp stamp and a twattoo and a tittoo. What a slut!
by zenaya96 June 20, 2010
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