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A fuckwhat is another name for a dumbass person who is extremely annoying at the given time.
Suzie is being a fuckwhat for acting like a total attention whore while at the theater when everyone is trying to watch the movie.

Scott is being a fuckwhat because he keeps saying bow chica bow wow when its not needed.
by zeldafan678 July 16, 2009
A individual that sides with no religion or anti-religion and just says fuck it all because it is easier than picking sides. They simply have their own beliefs and stick to them.
When asked what religion he was joe said he was a fuckatist because it was easier than picking sides and causing drama among his friends about religion.
by zeldafan678 November 22, 2009
Another name for asshole
You can suck my watoozle cherry

I banged her watoozle cherry so hard last night she was climbing up the wall
by zeldafan678 September 01, 2009
Another word for being cock slapped
Bitch wouldnt shut up so I tallstaffed her cross the mouth.
by zeldafan678 December 12, 2009
Slang word for boobs because he is soft and pillowy like them.
I asked my gf if I could touch her kirbies and she said yes
by zeldafan678 December 29, 2009
Another name for the human penis, usually refers to one that is small and long.
Did you see his twizzler stick?

Man I slammed twizzler stick in her ass so hard last night she came 2 times.
by zeldafan678 July 03, 2010
Combination of alert and awake.
After being splashed with water and stabbed with a knife Timmy became very alerk and was ready for retaliation.
by zeldafan678 May 28, 2012

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