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A sleeveless patterned(most commonly striped) shirt worn by men to show off their muscles; A type of top worn by guys to showcase their muscles or their coolness; Guys think they are cool when wearing bro tanks; contrary to popular belief, bro tanks do not enhance muscles or make you look tan
Hey Adam, nice bro tank!
by zelda girl July 01, 2011
A male sibling that gives you advice not to show how wise he is but to point you in the right direction, for your sake; one who shares many memories that bring them close to you; the one that shares shows, bands, movies, family, and other interests with you; the person that makes fun of you without it hurting your feelings; the definition of fun and love; one who gives and seeks advice; the one who tells you like it is; the role model; the one who knows how to make you laugh; the one that treats you like you are and nothing more, and nothing less so that you know of your importance, but are humble as well; the one you are most like; someone that generates tears when gone; no matter where you are in the world, you both are still close
I love my brother.
by zelda girl July 01, 2011

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