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a fat fucker of a man who loves eating more than sex or being in the state of "existence" itself... it can be used for both males and females... but for specifics...you could try "miss galleta" or better "miss galleto". :D
that girl is such a mister galleta...
by zeke from abo land September 11, 2003
a snobby middle aged woman who has written a book about herself as she was growing up, the book is full of ego, pride, and fantastic romantic elements about her and some bogan yobbo. personally a teacher of mine. :) any woman who has her head in the clouds, and expecially one who thinks she is better than the rest of women folk.
my sister is such a miss marchetta.
by zeke from abo land September 11, 2003
you all have it wrong muthafukers...zeke is someone who cares too much for too little... short for Ezekiel...
now how is that an insult?
remember mother Terasa? remember fred hollows, remember what zeke's they were.
by zeke from abo land September 11, 2003
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