49 definitions by zeke

That animal you get pork from.
Or a farmer's sex-toy.
Mom, let's cook some pork/pig tonight!
Bob, get dem pigs! we'sa gunna have sum fun tonight! Yeeee-haaaw!
by Zeke May 09, 2003
rallying war cry, when no war exists.
Hodes Owns Yuo!!!!
by Zeke February 21, 2004
A collection of 5 homosexuals who enjoy tossing salad and knitting.
Tommi P.
by zeke May 04, 2003
To be better than Freed in every aspect of life.

To dominate college football games with no respect for human life.
If Freed was more durbalicous, he wouldn't be such a sucky loser that everyone hates so much.
by Zeke September 10, 2003
Apparently anyone who plays on the VG server long enough.
We seem to all be "haxorz!"
n00b: you VGer's are all haxors! I'm leaving!
by Zeke May 08, 2003
noun meaning a small boys penis.
Boy, quit playin with your dooler dinkle!
by Zeke October 21, 2004
Clark's Wallabees boots and shoes.
Those cream wally's are ill.
by Zeke January 12, 2004

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