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What is caused by consuming a large amount of chilli like substances.
Had a big chow on the chilli last night and look da fuck out, me got da ring stinga
by zeilich February 08, 2005
The syndrome that is induced from eating Hungry Jacks (Burger King)
That double whopper and cheese has given me an intense case of the jacks....... I gotta go take a dump
#guts ache #stomache churn #tache away #junk #shits
by zeilich August 28, 2008
Someone with a lot of guts, massive sized balls.
JEFF: Heh man did you see that dude take off on that wave, that was sickness.
IAN : Yes i did and i also saw one of his aggots pop out othe side of his boardies - it was a Rambo Nut.
by zeilich March 21, 2005
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