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The act of shoving a xbox 360 microphone up your ass while you are talking to someone and shit while the microphone is in your asshole.
I decided to piss my brother off by doing an etwan.
by zeewatinaho October 14, 2010
a word used to describe someone that looks spicy.
Damn, Carla is a penis painting tree goat today.
by zeewatinaho February 13, 2011
Used to describe everyone and everything.
Damn, look at her over there being booty at that booty.

I'm 12 booty.
by zeewatinaho April 19, 2011
when putting bacon in your girlfriends vagina before having sex, while the bacon is in you fuck her until you come. Once ejaculated eat her out.
Last night I did a bacon club.
Best night of my life!
by zeewatinaho September 24, 2010
The act of mixing jizz, blood, spit, and shit togther.
I made some porn soup with my bitch, it was good.
by zeewatinaho October 18, 2010
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