12 definitions by zedo

love give naught but itself and take naught but from it self.
love possesses not nor would it be possessed for love is sufficient unto love.
when you love you should not say ( god is in my heart ),but rather ( i am in the heart of god ).
love has no other desire but to fulfil itself.
by zedo August 12, 2006
A feeling you feel it when you feel a feeling you had never feel it before.
real love is very rare in these days.
by zedo August 12, 2006
The women's second God.
gilrs like to play with my dick.
by zedo July 28, 2006
All the great ethics which is inside you,thats god! dont think that god is related with religions!
god is the idea of ethics.
by zedo July 29, 2006
A word impossible to define, Greater than any possible definition.
Jesus you know what's in my heart without me saying it.
by zedo August 14, 2006

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