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Also known as "linkin crap" because of their huge (lack of) talent. An mtv band like many others that suddendly appeared on the charts, and suddendly disappeared.
They played a style called "nu-metal", an abreviation for "newb-metal", a style that was born when teenagers who didn't even know how to play decently an instrument tried to compose songs like real metal bands like Megadeth, Iron Maiden, etc. The result could only be a disaster.
male A: Hi sweetheart!
male B: Hi cutie!
male A: what are you listening to?
male B: linkin park! man they're so hot. their singer screams so loud..it seems like he's being sodomized.. and that brings great memories of you and me..
male A: yes...i'll never forget that night and that garden..
male B: it was so sweet. I never walked the same way after that.. *sigh*
#linkin park #linkin crap #nu-metal #newb-metal #lame-metal
by ze boda August 18, 2006
The mystical place where the portuguese q3 l33ts have lunch. It is located at R. Silva Brinco, at S.Mamede de Infesta, Portugal.
The cakes made in Padaria Santo António seem to have a potion of l33tn3ss.
Padaria/Pastelaria/Confeitaria Santo António kicks ass.
by ze boda January 19, 2004
Just one more lame band that appears sometimes on mtv. No musical talent, they don't even know what music is. They just want to seem rebels and violent, but we all know they are a bunch of faggots.

Losers and lame teenagers usually like them.
X: "Cut my life into pieces, this is my last re.."
X: "That's papa roach. I sing their songs when i want someone to shut me up introducing a dick in my mouth"
by ze boda January 19, 2004
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