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1.(Noun)A young adolescent prodigy in the hacker realm. It is someone with 1337 skills. HHX is a real person who helped create everlot and legacy a video game not bound by dimensions. HHX is probably best known for notorious glitches and hacks. HHX is a man who knows no bounds in this universe, whether it be 2d, 3d, or the land of everlot.
2.(adjective) Lacking self esteem because of programming skills and no social life; being socially inept.
That guy was like HHX, hes pretty white and nerdy.
H. H. X. the legacy continues.

Let the force be with you, your so HHX.
Bring it on I'm H.H.X.
by zdub November 01, 2006
When a girl disposes of her used tampon in the middle of the street. Generally done from the door of a motor vehicle.
Guy 1 "Do you see that tampon in the middle of my street?"
Guy 2 "Ya bro some bitch just did a fucking street pop"
Guy 1 "WTF?"
by Zdub May 26, 2012

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