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1. n. Hunter's slang for Wererabbit, or a person that has transformed into a rabbit. This word is often believed to be a mispronunciation of the word rabbit, due to a speech impediment. Unlike Werewolves, Wererabbits are in a perpetual state of rabbitness. They also have the ability to speak in a Brooklyn accent, have an isatiable appetite for carrots, and believe anyone they meet to be a doctor. These animals should be approached with extreme caution as they are extremely waskly.

2. n. A mispronunciation of the word "rabbit" due to a speech impediment.
1."I'll get you, you waskly wabbit! If it's the last thing i do!"

2."Bawbawa Wawtews said she saw a wabbit."
Translation- "Barbara Walters said she saw a rabbit."
by zc540 July 04, 2006
1. adj. A deadly combination of wacky and raskly. This trait is most personified by the elusive Wabbit. Commonly perceived as a mispronunciation of the word raskly.

2. adj. A mispronunciation of the word raskly.
1."Goddamn waskly wabbits! Stay out of my carrot garden!"

2."Goddamn waskly wabbits! Stay out of my cawwot gawden!"
by zc540 July 04, 2006
1. v. To be extremely awesome to the Nth degree. Always having more awesomeness than something that simply "rocks"

2. v. To rock extremly fuckin hard. Frequently done "out with your cock out".

3. n. An extremely hated and contemptible stone. Usually used when expressing such contempt for said stone.
1. "Dude, this concert fuckin rocks."

2. "I'm gonna fuckin rock out with my cock out."

3. "Oww! Shit! What was that?... Fuckin rock! You fuckin piece of shit! I'll fuckin kill you!(**throws rock out window **) Rot in hell you piece of shit-fuckin shit-fuck!!!"
by zc540 July 03, 2006
1. A word created by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to refer to Lance Armstrong's ability to recall other people who have had testicular cancer.
-Testiculardar is to testicular cancer as Gaydar is gays
Two-balled Sam: "Hey, I met this guy named craig today"
One-balled Jim: "Yeah, I know him. He had testicular cancer"
Two-balled Sam: "Dude, that's some straight-up testiculardar"
One-balled Jim: "Fuck you queer"
by zc540 June 26, 2006

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