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Part of a circuit formed with a unijunction transistor and a capacitor. It creates a triangle wave and can be used as a timer instead of a 555 timer.

Why exactly you would look up this "smart" thing on urban dictionary is a long mystery.
He used a Unijunction Transistor relaxation Oscillator to create a flashing light to annoy his friends while they slept.
#transistor #capacitors #explode #ujt #wave #hi #i like trains
by zbx March 04, 2012
One of the best physics games on the internet. Like phun, except it's updated regularly. New features that aren't in phun include triggers, which if one shape hits another it does something, allowing for the creation of complex computers, and thrusters, which are like rockets. IB also has a nice userbase and forum.
A: I was playing Incredibots the other day.
B: Dude that game is awesome!
#ib #incredibot #bot #grubby games #awesome #shape #phun
by zbx November 11, 2011
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