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Having sex outside the confines of the bedroom. Most common with an empty house.
Guy 1: My wife just texted me that the kids are going to be out of the house all weekend.
Guy 2: Time for some free range fucking.
by zbrcht June 07, 2009
Doing poetry through texting.
Texter 1: Ur so sweet, u gv me cvties.
Texter 2: What's that?
Texter 1: Poexting
by zbrcht September 16, 2009
A person that treats others based on the way that person acts and treats other people. An actionist is not a racist, even though some actionist trends might loosely follow race lines.
Person 1: You're a racist! You kicked that black guy in front of you because he is black.
Person 2. No, I'm an actionist. I kicked him because he pushed me out of the way to cut in the line and then dropped a SBD fart.
by zbrcht January 19, 2009
Like a sucker punch, except to the nuts.
Did you see Ryan take that sucker punch to the nuts?
No, that was a nucker punch.
by zbrcht June 18, 2009

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