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aryan means :
1)penetrating a large elephant vagina, while exceeding jello out of your nostrils

2)a famous song sung by the lord of aryans,
aryan tabooby

3)an adjective used commonly to describe your
feeling around monkeys. (usually aroused)
1) Timmy: woahhh did you see that guy have an aryan?
Juley: yeah man! i had one too!
Timmy: oh yeahh ;)

2) Grandpa you were my first lover, Grandpa you said there was no other, Grandpa Grandpa would open the door he would see Aryan asleep, he wiggled his finger as he sucked on my dick. Grandpa stop molesting mee, Grandpa stop molesting mee.

(monkey): oh yeahh ;)
by zazzzouu! March 27, 2008

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