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3 definitions by zaxhall

when a girl is sexy as hell or when she's really good in bed. she's a stadelmann.

also referred to when a girl is good at rodeo style in bed.
"did you sleep with that girl from the party?"

"yeah, she was a stadelmann for sure"

"damn! whats her number?"
by zaxhall August 04, 2008
when you want to be really dominate in bed and you feel like your ready to orgasm just scream out "IM THE BOSS!" it makes for a really memorable time in the sheets that he'll never forget. and you'll have a rep for being a freak in the sheets.
by zaxhall August 04, 2008
when youre normally an idiot and you do something that you didnt expect and it wound up being smart just look at some one and say "genius"

also used when youre normally really smart and you do something stupid
"i can't believe you made a bong out of that"

"i know right."

"dude, genius."
by zaxhall August 04, 2008