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If you want the vague definition: A person whose job is to teach children, teenagers, or adults depending on the type of school.

If you want a more descriptive definition:

There are three types of teachers.

1. An awesome teacher, someone who's funny and is a very kind person deep down. Someone who everyone says is their favorite teacher, and actually cares about their students. This is the rarest kind.

2. A teacher that is in the middle. Someone who is awesome some of the time, but an asshole from hell the rest of the time. This, or a teacher that no one really cares about, who isn't one particular kind.

3. A teacher that is a bitch from hell, even if it's a man. From my knowledge (I'm still in school), this is currently the most common type of teacher. This is a teacher that is normally an old, grumpy bitch who seems to keep her job for the sole purpose of making your life a living hell. This kind of teacher delights in giving students piles of homework because (s)he seems to enjoy it; the kind of teacher that hates everyone. This kind of teacher will get you in trouble just because (s)he doesn't like you.
Some teachers are actually nice, but most are horrible. This is what people who went to school in the past, or were home schooled, don't seem to realize.
by zawakuchi July 25, 2011
A feeling for someone that seems to have no limits, that makes you feel like you're on top of the world. It's when you want someone very badly, despite the fact that the person you love might not feel the same. A lot of times, people look down on the concept of love because they were let down previously. Love itself isn't the problem, it's the fact that, a lot of times, people fall in love with others that just aren't as good as they are. Therefore, the person who isn't as good is normally a person who would cheat, betray, be an all-around horrible person, etc.

Love is often confused with a crush (or liking someone), but crushes aren't love, because a crush doesn't go as deep. If you only have a simple crush on someone, you probably won't find this person has any possibility of spending the rest of his or her life with you in the end.

It is also often confused with lust, which is the desire for someone that is mostly meaningless and is based on appearances. But, love is similar because love is, essentially, the lust for someone for who they are on the inside, which is what makes it love.
When you love someone, there is absolutely nothing that will get in the way of you loving them. NOTHING.

If you have a crush on someone, it's like a lesser version of love. It's an illusion of a sort, that fools you into thinking you're in love, when you're really not.

If you lust for someone, you probably don't actually give a shit about how they feel and who they are. Sometimes, however, lusting for someone can cause you to learn more about him or her and actually fall in love.
by zawakuchi July 25, 2011
The worst, most boring city ever to exist. The heat and humidity are horrible. If you take a deep breath of stagnant, Augusta air, you will smell farts and marijuana stank, along with the occasional note of shit. This is due to the fact that, apparently, every God forsaken piece of land here has to be built on, leaving less trees. The heat seems to make people crazy, which is probably causing the ass-loads of crime we have.
Augusta is also what some dub the "golf capital of the world" because the Masters is held here. If you have been to Augusta because of that, here's something you don't know: Master's week is the ONLY time that Augusta looks like a normal, nice place to be.
While it's the only place I have ever lived, I was raised by people who aren't from here, therefore I am a normal person who lives in a place filled with dumbfarts. As a person unlike the majority, I think that everyone who lives here falls under at least one of the following categories:

1. A whore
2. A snob
3. A person who regularly speeds
4. A person whose brain is so affected by the heat that they don't put a damn bit of thought into what they're doing
5. A person who isn't from around here and/or is raised by someone who isn't from here who is wondering why the hell they're here.

Unless you absolutely have to, don't move to Augusta. Just...don't.
Person 1: "Oh my God man, I just came back from Augusta, GA."

Person 2: "For real, man?"

Person 1: " Yeah, just because some of my relatives live there. I don't know how they can live there, it's so boring."

Person 2: "I feel sorry for you, but I feel especially bad for your relatives. Damn."
by zawakuchi July 24, 2011
A clothing store that is nationally known and is respected by many. However, people like me really don't like that store because rich people who would rather act as a billboard for the store than an actual person have ruined the store. Abercrombie and Fitch has also sold thongs for little girls, so I decided not to shop there because I don't want to support the dumbfarts who thought up THAT idea. If any rich, fake preps who would more than gladly pay a ludicrous amount of money for clothes that are no better than what you would find at Wal-Mart, Target, and similar stores want to shop there, fine. But I'm not going to waste my money, because I'm not some rich, fake, preppy whore who thinks that money is everything.
Rich, fake, preppy whore 1: "Liiiiiike O...M...G!!!! Like, Abercrombie and Fitch, is, like, having, a, SALE!!!!"

Rich, fake, preppy whore 2: "Like, HOLY SHIT!!!! Let's, like, go there together and, like, blow all of your, like, dad's MONAYYYY!!!"

Me: "Not THOSE bitches again."
by zawakuchi July 25, 2011
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