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A sickly sweet, yellow-green carbonated soft drink also known a Mountain Dew. It is said by retards that Mountain Dew gives gives them other-worldly hyper-awareness and the ability to crash into passers-by at public libraries while they attempt lame skateboarding moves.
Chris guzzled a pint of Nectar of the Tards before running into old people coming out of the library entrance.
by zardoz88 December 13, 2009
Homosexual intercourse of any type. especially by those with anti-establishment or anarchist tendencies. Often something to be bragged about in polite company or state occasions/banquets as being done frequently and with great satisfaction.
We thought Mitch and Blaine were in their room studying, but when we returned we were horrified to see them performing the King's Outrage.
by zardoz88 December 13, 2009
Oral sex; a blow job, a hummer.
I wanted to have sex with Emma but was content with a quick kneebender in the bushes.
by zardoz88 December 13, 2009
A (presumably) female met over the internet through chat rooms or social networking sites usually by socially awkward, semi-retarded, or high functioning autistics that they claim as their "girlfriend", often accompanied by blurry inkjet printed cell cam photos. Usually gURLfriends live at least 2500 miles from their subjects. Phone conversations are rare to non-existent, with physical meetings never taking place. Some gURLfriends are in fact 40-50 year old men posing as teen or twenty-something girls for entertainment, making their subjects do humiliating things for their amusement.
I had to break up with my gURLfriend because i found out she was really an 55 year old Asian man who enjoyed criticizing my fashion sense for his own amusement, so i shall have to find another gURLfriend who lives in a different country.
by zardoz88 December 12, 2009

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