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A condition that affects a person in where someone has to take a shit minutes after entering a Safeway. Rumor has it that the section of the pharmacy where they create high powered subscription laxatives in right under the ventilation system, spreading any particles from the creation throughout the store and causing the sudden urge to shit.
Matt: Get some some chips for the party, I got the sudden urge to take a shit!

Dan: You've got Safeway Shit Syndrome, damn I've go to shit too!
by zar21 March 07, 2011
A ripoff, you should feel like a dumbass if you bought this product.
Tim: I Got Force Factor to get me ripped without doing any work sitting on my fatass.

Jake: Thats some bullshit you bought, you have to work your fatass and eat right to lose weight.
by zar21 February 16, 2011

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