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The ability to obtain something for the least amount of money.
"Where should we go to buy a ceiling fan and all the other stuff we need for the new apartment?"

"Let's go to Wal-mart for the cheapability factor, even though the people watching might be painful, what with improperly fitting spandex and all."
by Zappaman April 15, 2007
A word derived from "safe around kids" versions of two other words: bullshit and douchedbag. Bulldoo used instead of bullshit, and doober in place of douchebag.
"Your apartment looks like hell."
"Bite me you bulldoober"
by Zappaman December 03, 2006
In a state of being completely useless due to the fact that one is really wasted.
Hey Kendra, did you see the new guy at the pool yesterday?

Sure did! After 7 margaritas and talking to Tina, that dude was completely wasteless!!!
by zappaman April 27, 2007
Designation given to anyone in the medical community that is known around town as a pervert.
"Did you see Doctor P at the pool yesterday?"

"Yeah, as usual he was hittin' on the jailbait."
by Zappaman December 03, 2006
Any of a group of friends that live in an apartment complex that has the word "woods" in the name.
"Ben and Bill are coming to the party tonight and bringing the rest of the Woodsers with them."

"The whole crowd from AltaWoods?"

"All execpt that bulldoober Doctor.P"
by Zappaman December 03, 2006

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