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1 definition by zakavellie

1. Not quite married anymore but not yet divorced= stupid town because, one way or another, someone (or both) is a fucking idiot.

2. A state of being in-between Married/dating and divorced/single.

3. A state of not-talking between friends shortly after a falling out, before the status is confirmed (usually either a fuckyoudouche or manIdidn'tmeanitlikethat). Similar to a dudevorce but doesn't only apply to guys and it isn't completed.

4. A point of uncertainty in a waning relationship.
A- Why is Jenny flirting with those guys?
B- Didn't you know Jenny is in stupid town? She dumped Greg a couple weeks ago but the papers haven't gone through yet.

I'd love to get on with my life and see other people, but I'm in stupid town and family/ex/mutual friends/lawyers would have my ass.

A- I heard you and (friend) got in a fight; does this mean you've got an extra ticket to the game this weekend?
B- Not sure yet, we're in stupid town at the moment.
by zakavellie May 12, 2009