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a turd. the word used to substitute turd used by mister mackey in south park.
"a fecalfeliac is someone who's obsessed with mooky stinks mkay."
by zak dizzle October 18, 2003
A)a member of an athletic sport and or team
B)a person who owns prostitutes and sells their sex for profit a.k.a. pimp
C)somebody with an inclined social life and enjoys "kikin' it wit' his/her homedizzles"
D)me, biatch!
A)Hey dawg. Ain't you a playa' on thu basketball team?
B)That playa' over there be pimpin' those ho's like a eukalele!
C)Sup playa'. We be tight yo!
D)I'm a playa' biatch
by Zak Dizzle October 17, 2003

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