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What I always say when someone kicks me out from somewhere. Bender said that after being kicked out of the theme-park on the moon in the second episode of Futurama.
Fine, I'm gonna make my own disco club! With blackjack...and hookers... In fact, forget the club.
by zacon November 29, 2003
Terrorist language. Do not yell out loud in America.
Derka derka derka, Mohammed Jihad.
by zacon January 30, 2005
In movies, it means that in difference to the rated version, this version of the movie was not screened by the MPAA, or similar.

Usually, sexual or violent scenes are cut out in the rated version.
Gee, I love this unrated version of this movie, you can actually see the flesh on that girl!
by zacon December 10, 2005
The Norwegian word for "cunt." Can sometimes be seen in the names of people from America.
Din jævla fitte!
by zacon November 11, 2003
Hypertext Preprocessor.
(Earlier Personal Home Page.)

A modern high-level server-side scripting language for the HTTP protocol (CGI.) An alternative to ASP, Perl, Python, TCL, etc.

PHP is claimed to be installed on 20% of the domains on the Internet, including the webserver that hosts urbandictionary.com. The engine that keeps track of all the words and definitions is written in PHP. See www.php.net for more information.
Hello World in PHP:
<?php echo "Hello World!"; ?>
by zacon November 29, 2003
Norwegian. Short for "Eller noe sånt."
Gå og hent deg en øl elns
by zacon January 01, 2004
The question responsible for half the sale of Pepsi Cola, if not more. You can meet it in any country.
- Will Pepsi be okay?
- Well... okay, I guess I can take that for once, I don't wanna turn somewhere else now.
by zacon November 29, 2003

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