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DMST or Drunken Monkey Sack Tap is a Newly Invented Form of Battle; although newly invented it seems that many forms of the 'game' have been played throughout the ages, the main diffrence being that now there is a cultivated set of rules and regulations.(the objective is to tap... the "sack" of the opposing person(s))

Playing The Game

It must be firstly understood that it is a tap not a slap or a hit (your not trying to injure someone just hurt there pride for a moment)
In order to play the game it must firstly be initiated (like most games) to initiate the game the abbreviation must be uttered in an audible tone with the letters being no longer then 3-4 seconds appart. (although there may be words between the letters as long as they are 3-4 seconds appart)
Anyone and everyone within earshot of the intiation is in play including yourself.
The game lasts untill there has either been 30 seconds past after the last contact "tap" or untill the group has left the area where the game was initiated.


(These Rules Cannot be taken Away but feel free to add rules as your group feels fit)
1) Never Initiate in an Inaudible Fashion (Unless permitted by the consequence rule)
2) Tap, Not Slap or Hit.
3) You are not allowed to initiate when your hand is in motion for a tap
4) You Must Not Continue the Game after 30 seconds after the last tap without initiating again or after leaveing the area.
5) The Consequence Rule: If anyone fails to follow any of the previous rules within a group of 3 or more people it can be decided to initiate the consequence of one unintiated tap on the offending party by the majority. If your game consists of only 2 people do as you feel morally right.


The name of the game is drunken monkey sac tap so the generally fighting style is moving clockwise to your opponet in a monkey style (leaning forward with generally limp extremities) using one hand for defense and one for offense (some players may choose to use both for offense or both for defense whatever you feel comfortable with is generally accepted) The other generally accepted strategy is to casually introduce the abbreviation into the conversation audible to those around you but in fashion that dosen't arouse suspcion and attack at will.

Special Initations

There is only one type of special initation for the time being but again.. feel free to add more as your group feels fit.

1) DMST Slap Tap: must be called in the same manner as the orgional but the words slap and tap mut be uttered within 5 seconds of each other after the orgional DMST.... this special initation allows for Slaps and harder hits it's not recommended that you use this initation.
At the Airport (using the trickery strategy),
Some Guy: d00d what gate are we at.
You: uh...D.Ithink.no..M..maybe..S..T
Some Guy: *looks for the gate unknowing of what has just happend*
You: *Tap Action*
Some Guy: d'oh my sac.
You: *Moves out of the area to prevent furthor attacks*
Some Guy: *calls DMST in a futile effort to avenge his sac*
You: *are victorious for the time being*
by Zachisyourdaddy March 25, 2008

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Stnads for: Don't be a dick
...Dude dbad she can't help she has that nasty vhuman on her face
by zachisyourdaddy March 28, 2008

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