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When someone gives you a blowjob and then blows it back all over you, as a sexual prank.
Prostitute: For that money you can have a shower blowjob...
Unaware client: What's that?
(he'll learn really soon...)
by zabvenie August 09, 2007
A person representing such a burden of boredom that it eventually kills you.
Oh no, that burderer is walking this way!
by zabvenie August 10, 2007
Bit Own Fingers Unable To Type
A sais: hello?

(after a 5-minute pause)

A sais: hello???
B sais: sorry, bofutt
by zabvenie August 14, 2007
Someone so boring that when he/she shows up, you know your suicide is close.
There comes our suicide angel...
by zabvenie August 10, 2007

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