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An organization that is predominantly female and in which feminine viewpoints and behaviors dominate.
The high school faculty meeting lasted for three hours because the members of the gynotocracy just wanted to talk every issue to death.
by zabazuve-ha September 27, 2009
American League Championship Series. The series which decides the best team in baseball. The winner of the series then goes on to the World Series, a series of late-season exhibition games against a team from the National League.
The Red Sox won the ALCS. Their work finished, they went on to pummel the Cardinals before retiring for the season.
by zabazuve-ha October 13, 2007
The secret areas in major American cities that offer protected status to hoochie mamas. Manned checkpoints ensure that the hoochies in Hoochistan are sufficiently ghetto fabulous.
The girls could not enter Hoochistan because their skirts were too long and they had no false eyelashes.
by zabazuve-ha September 03, 2007
A working environment dominated by women and women's issues.
Steve found the conversations in the break room of the high school mind-numbingly boring; this was one of the perils of working in a gynotocracy.
by zabazuve-ha February 25, 2008
Members of the New England lobster fishing community who vigilantly protect their territorial waters from newcomers. They frequently inherit their fishing grounds from their parents.
Steve set some traps over in Barrett's Cove and next week the lobster mafia put sugar in his gas tank.
by zabazuve-ha January 21, 2008
A community made up almost exclusively of senior retirees.
Cape Coral, Florida is a bedpan community.
by zabazuve-ha November 26, 2007
A cane carried by pimps, usually with a gold nugget or other large jewel on the top. Used by a pimp to make a bitch his ho.
Julius touched Laqueesha with his ho stick so now she's his ho.
by zabazuve-ha September 06, 2007

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