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A combination of the term 'jerk around', or the more suggestive 'jerk off', with the word 'masturbate'. The word 'jerkurbate' is harmless, with no actual spiteful inclination. It is to be understood simply as doing a meaningless activity which therefore has no purpose other than to waste time; as the combination of the two terms would imply. It does not symbolize or represent any lewd or obscene meaning that one would initially believe.
#1.) "You always jerkurbate when we need to think of something to do."

#2.) Friend 1: "Hey, what's up?"
Friend 2: "Jerkurbating."

#3.) "The year is almost finished, and people still insist on jerkurbating in our faces."
by z4gnut May 09, 2006
Token Slow Motion (or TSM, pronounced "Tizim" or "Tizm") occurs any time in any video in which the action being performed is slowed down to maximize the humor or intensity of the event. The prefixal 'token' is included in the phrase mainly because the video or audio itself is efficient enough at achieving its goal of entertainment. However, the author or editor finds it necessary to throw in at least one TSM to ensure the audience does not leave dissatisfied. Such videos include those found on various sites of the internet, wherein a plethora of these videos may be seen in rapid succession. Most notably, TSM generally causes all sounds in the video to be slowed down and deepened as well--allowing for a hilarious effect.
Hans: You gotta see this video...<link>, it's got Token Slow Motion, too.

Ryan: Oh my god...ahahahaha! I can't believe it...! Hahahaha, there it is! Right when she falls---ahahaha, you can hear the cameraman's voice, so deep---lmfao...oh man...TSM makes it so much better...

Hans: I told you it was gonna be good.
by z4gnut April 02, 2007
Acronym for "Hooray For All Caps". Used when people talk online and decide it's necessary to type it all out in capitals. It's quite humorous, seeing as the actual acronym itself--when used as a complete sentence--consists of only capital letters. I love the irony, and so should you.
Person : HFAC
by z4gnut July 18, 2006

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