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Used for someone that competely sucks at life and should die... or... Just someone you hate with a passion...
"wow your a complete salkys, why do you live??? come on now you just ruin everything, you salkys..."
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
use commonly for people that are big gays... the allision of the two make... bigay... o and did i mention they take it in the ass...
"you fucking bigay... u def. lick the cock... u def. take it in the ass... u salkys..."
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
normally what will happen when you get hit by a car... or sat on by a fat woman...
"wow! that fat ladie in the car deffinataly left treadmarks all over you dumb ass... (((salkys)))" (i perfer you look up salkys)
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
normally what happens when you grow old, or your just a dirty whore with a drying problem...
"ew... that girl was nasty... she had crusty labia like woah..."
"dude thats my mom!"
"ya so?"
"dude your such a salkys..."
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
Main Entry: hec·tic
Pronunciation: 'hek-tik
Function: adjective

1: a lamer clan leader of DwR who likes to dress up in womens clothing and masterbate to pictures of his cat. A known associate of Kripsy....see definition of Kripsy.
Your a gay ass Hecktic wannabee!
by z3r0 July 17, 2004
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