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Leadership, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage. Put all these words together and their true meaning and value, you have something that will be your best friend, only lover, and the most hard working diciplined loving individual you will ever be able to meet. Someone who knows when its time for fun, someone who splits his days so that everyone can see him and has time for family. Likes to lay in bed, hold her all night, rubbing her back and singing in her ear while she falls asleep. Wakes up to get the kids ready, then puts in a hards day work, and come right back to it all again! with love.
U.S. Army SGT(P) who is very lucky to have what the man upstairs gave him.

"man, why are you acting like "markowycz", your gonna get me in trouble with my wife"

"markowycz is outside cutting his lawn right after he got done working over time, and hes playing with the kids too".

"markowycz was able to fix everything in the house and he did it himself, smart guy or just someone i would like to get into his head to see how he does it all.
#soldier #dad #amazing husbang #master of all trades #problem fixer #bestie #marcowitz #marcowicz
by z28camaro0817 April 14, 2010
a bubby is a husband, that his wife cannot be without him for long periods of time. The couple are young and for some reason they will end up together and live long lives and happy days....with some awesome vacations with their children. when the man gets old, they then refer him to bub, and want to use all the good stuff he has collected over the years and keeps it in top tip shope! Thats a Bubby!
see a guy who is young, he finds a darling and those 2 go head over heals for each other. He has to leave because he defends our freedom and goes to war. When he comes back he was the most asked about and great lookin guy. He has kept his word to his wife and does anything for them, when things are down, he fixes something to bring cheer and joy for them. By Fixing I mean builds a fort in the living room and has a awesome family night! And thats why we love our BUBBY!
#husband #man of the house #cool guy #dad #father
by z28camaro0817 March 27, 2010
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