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Another word for the a-hole, or chicken eye, or brown spider.
Mike had to sit on a pillow after taking a shit so large it streatched out it chocolate starwasher.
by z28 owner2 March 06, 2008
The brotha's version of tea bagging.
Terrell went over to Paul's chic's house to serve her a mouthfull of dunkin bronuts.
by z28 owner2 March 06, 2008
The tangle of flaps covering a well traveled woman's genetalia.
Tom gasped with horror when his one night stand stood up the next morning revealing a 5 pound pink lasagna.
by z28 owner2 March 04, 2008
The act of putting off or delaying:

1) letting someone know that you hate them
2) Ignoring or defriending someone
3) Treating someone like crap

until you have gotten something you needed from them.
Bill decided to procastihate Chuck until he was able to borrow and return Chuck's power washer to clean his deck so Bill didn't have to pay to rent one or for a service.
by z28 owner2 January 05, 2010
A brotha's ejaculate
Russ frequented the gay bars in africa, developing a keen and refined taste for brogurt.
by z28 owner2 March 04, 2008

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